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Jordan's profile picture
Sister Frost

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Big week! And I am in Ducos!

Well, I'm officially in Ducos now! Sister White has received a 4th transfer call, and she'll now be training in Dumbéa sur mer, where I was trained! I'm so excited and happy for her to be there, and I can't wait to see how well she does! V. set a baptismal date for December 20th!!!! I'm so incredibly proud! It's been such a tough journey.

My last night in Yahoué, we got to go see  K. and she let us take a picture with her! It was so sad to leave! We got to see almost everyone before we left, and one of our investigators, K., cried and gave us each a shell necklace. I'd be lying if I said that I don't feel more than a little homesick when I think about Yahoué. It's my NC home!

Well, for starters, Ducos is HUGE, and the view from the apartment is beautiful. The apartment itself is pretty dang bit as well, although we don't have any AC, so it gets a little bit hot sometimes! I keep getting lost when I'm trying to figure out where people live! I am so grateful for my wonderful companion who knows where everyone lives, since she's already been here for a while. We eat with people all the time, and we have an average of more lessons in a day than we had in a week in Yahoué. It's been crazy, meeting so many people and trying to remember names and addresses and children and families and members and food appointments and how do we get to our apartment again? Thank heavens I'm not the one driving the car!

However, for those of you who have read this far into the email to get one of the most exciting bits of news for this week, I GOT MY FRENCH DRIVER'S LICENSE Wednesday morning!! Just a few hours before having to turn in the phone and keys for Yahoué and heading over to Ducos. Talk about a stressful day!

Well, I think that's all I've really got for you this week. I love you, talk to you all next week!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New adventures of Flat Jordan

Flat Jordan made it to the World Series with me and her brother, Tyler! She was a little upset all the excitement was happening in Kansas City and she couldn't be a part of it. That's when I told her Flat Jordan would likely make an appearance at one of the games. She was stoked!

It's been a while since Flat Jordan has made an appearance, but she's ready to play again. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Theme for the week is: Never get comfortable!

...Because that's when everything changes.

This week, we had a great week... minus auto-école. But we didn't have that for a whole two days, so we did actually get to stay in our sector for a few days and do some work. It was really nice to get to do some real missionary work :)

In other news, we were sitting in auto-école Wednesday morning, and received a call from the Sister Training Leaders. They called to inform us that New Caledonia would be receiving a new sister missionary, and that she is here because she is waiting for her visa to go to New Zealand, and that she would be joining our companionshipFriday night! So now we are in a trio, and loving every second of it! Sister Tehanin came in around midnight Friday night, so we had to stay up late to welcome her in... Not an experience I wish to repeat. I'm so grateful that I have a bedtime every night and don't stay up past 10:30... because we were nearly falling over Saturday, we were so tired!

Sister Tehanin is a really great missionary. She's from Tahiti, but moved to New Caledonia about a year ago, which is why she's visa-waiting here. Since she has to learn English for New Zealand, we have developed a language study plan where we switch languages every day. It's actually really difficult to be speaking English again so much! Especially prayers. I can't believe how much I think in French now, so that it makes it so difficult to pray and have conversations in English! Sometimes Sister Mason has to tap my shoulder on English days because I forget and Sister Tehanin and I speak in French to one another. It's actually pretty funny to see how the tables turn every day and one day, Sister Tehanin has trouble saying everything she wants and we have to correct her, then the next day, she's correcting us!

Our other big change (that may not seem so big to normal folk) is that we received a blender this week!! After 3 months of trying to acquire a blender for the Yahoué apartment, my prayers have been answered, and smoothies and milkshakes have ensued. Really though, sometimes it's the small things that make the big difference!

Well, that's this week in Yahoué! I love you!

Jordan in driving school to get her French driver's license.
Jordan with her new (temporary) companion.
"Jesus" graffiti

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rainbows in Paradise

Hello everyone!

This week, I'm really not too sure what to talk about, as not too much has happened. We have a new bishop and a new DMP (dirigeant de mission de paroisse, AKA ward mission leader) and he feeds us after every single one of our weekly meetings, so that's pretty cool. Our new bishop even came to our district meeting a few weeks ago to ask what he could do to help us! I'm really excited for the Mont-Dore ward, a lot of great efforts are happening with member-missionary work!

We've been going through our records of old investigators, and we found quite a few that had addresses that weren't really addresses (they just said `font de Yahoué` on them). We were really frustrated about it, and then we contacted two girls who live in community-style housing (squats), and when we set up an appointment, they said they live at 'font de Yahoué', and thus we have solved the puzzle! We're planning on contacting the rest of the old investigators this week.

So that's a bit of life here in NewCal! Love you all!

P.S. the picture doesn't really do it justice, but we saw the most beautiful rainbow last week! You could see both ends!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Only five minutes to update!

Okay, so I only have five minutes, since the internet person decided not to show up... again, but some people were nice enough to let us use the half-hour public computers!

 So this week was a pretty interesting combination of finding new investigators and getting yelled at. It was a pretty good week though, I'd have to say. We have one new investigator who came to church yesterday! His name is Petelo, and he's really humble. It's really cool to get to be there for people to realise that they've found what they've been looking for, and get to better their lives. No baptisms coming up yet for Yahoué, but we're finding new people every day.

Well, that's my five minutes. I love you all!
Everywhere the light touches...everything in this picture is in our sector, plus some that you cannot see in the opposite direction.

A crazy-looking fruit a member gave us.

Another pic of the crazy-looking fruit.

A few questions Jordan answered this week:

Tell us about the weather, what's it like there now?
Well, it's winter here now which means it's hot during the day and cooler at night.  So a cardigan is the winter gear I need for evenings and nighttime.

Did you intend on quoting Lion King in the sector picture?

What can we ship you?
Letters from friends.  So friends, this is my plea...please write a letter and give to me.  I will take care of the postage and ship it to her.  If you have children, have them color a page or write a letter and I would love to send this to Sister Frost.

Anything we need to take care of for you this week out here in KC?
Yes, tell Austin and Brett that I'll be praying for them.  (These two friends report to the Mission Training Center this week and will be starting their misions; Chile and Peru, respectively.)

If she is able to get on email later on we will update the blog and send a new link.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Jordan's safety and health.  We truly appreciate and covet your prayers!

Monday, June 9, 2014

I climbed a mountain!

The start of their trek up the mountain

Halfway up the mountain

Almost there!

Taking in the view

"I conquered it!"

Sister Frost and Sister Pulsipher

"Hello family and friends and everyone else!

This week was really great.  We've met a lot of people and we had  a lot of really great lessons. Then we hiked up Chapeau Gendarme with our district with past Monday (yesterday)! Chapeau Gendarme is named that becuse it resembles the hats (chapeau) that the police (gendarme) used to wear. Think Javer from Les Mis.  It took about two and a half hours to climb up the mountain, and about an hour and a half to get back down.  My  legs and shoulders are sore, but it was so worth it!

Other than that, I don't really have a whole lot of time to send all that happened this week, but there's plenty of pictures!  I love you all so much!

Sister Frost"

Jordan with her district at the top 

One last look at the view before heading back down.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Incredible miracle!

"This week, we had an incredible miracle!  Last week was incredibly difficult for both of us.  We worked really hard but we weren't seeing the results.  All of our appointments kept canceling, we contacted and contacted, and hadn't met a single person who was willing to listen.  By the time Sunday came, we were both pretty down and dedicated our fast to asking The Lord to give us just one opportunity to share the gospel with someone.  Then, Sunday night we contacted a woman who invited us in less than a minute after we started talking to her.  15 minutes later, she asked us if we wanted to meet her sister, who lives down the road. We went then and there to meet her sister, and taught them both! They invited us back the very next day, and when we arrived, we were surprised to find that they had invited three more family members to come and listen to what we had to say!  They then asked if we could fix two lessons every week where they could all five come and learn about the gospel. We have been blessed beyond belief and we are so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be here with them!

So that's our exciting story for the week!  I love you all so much!

-Sister Frost"

My District will be hiking up the tall pointy mountain this week!
We did our studying at the beach today.

Another beautiful picture of our view

Proof that I belong in this sector...half of the roads are named after famous musicians and artists.

More proof!

And last, but not least...

"A picture from a field trip to Mont-Dore when our whole district ended up stuck on the other side of the tribe, who shut down the only road that could get us back home after a district meeting.  (They own the road.)"

I asked for further explanation of what shutting down the road means and she gave me further details:

"The tribe was angry at the French government, so they lit big piles of brush on fire in the road and the gendarmes (police) had to go calm them down. They just shut down the road for a while after the fires were cleared to make sure it was safe.  It really was just an inconvenience for us. Ha!"
Sister Frost and Sister Polsipher waiting for the tribe to calm down enough to get back home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yahoué City! (or that's what the graffiti say)

May 25, 2014

So this week has been really crazy and fantastic!

Two of my friends from my old ward in Rivière-Salée got their mission calls this week! One of them will be serving in Tahiti and the other in Mozambique! So that's super-cool, it's so great to see the people in the wards I've served in going on missions! 

Now, the story behind the pizza:
We went and ordered this pizza from a little Pizzeria in our sector that's only open two hours a day and has the BEST pizza I've ever had. One guy came out from behind the counter, showed me our order, sayed 'is this your order?' and when I responded in the affirmative, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me behind the counter (with my companion following, of course) and told me to wash my hands. Then he had me make the pizza with him! It was super-cool. Then we met the owner's wife, who studied at University of Kansas! It was just a really cool experience.

Sunday, we couldn't go to church because the one road that we can take (without going through the tribes, which is NOT allowed) was blocked off, so we went to my old ward. It was really weird to see everybody again and be with a new companion!

Sister Pulsipher and I are doing so well, we really love being together. We've also developed a motto for contacting based on a dream she had the other night. We were walking at night, and suddenly we look up and there's a bus with the door open and glowing steps leading up to the bus driver. She looks at me and says, "should we contact this woman?" I turn to her and say, "Always."

So that's been our theme of the week, especially since we've spent a LOT of time contacting. We received a referral for a woman named S. All we know about her is that she's an older woman and we know what neighborhood she's in. We've just been contacting every single house in the neighborhood, using "we're looking for S." as our way to start the conversation. We're kind of doubting she exists at this point, but it's gotten us a lot of lessons fixed for this week!

Fun fact about my current area, one of the members who lives a few blocks from us was the very first person to be baptized by the very first missionaries in New Caledonia. He has a lot of really cool stories that he's more than happy to share with us haha

A really cool tree, these are everywhere!

A papaya tree, these are everywhere, too!

So that's our week. I love you all so much!
-Sister Jordan Frost


May 18, 2014

Hey family, friends, and other people I know!

So this week was really great, our first full week in Yahoué! We've finally made contact with almost everyone that the Elders were meeting with before us, all except a few who like to pretend they're not home when we go to visit them. Mostly because they think we're Jehovah's Witnesses. But really, we say the phrase "Actually, we're not Jehovah's Witnesses" probably two or three times every time we talk to someone for the first time. And then another time the next time we visit them. It's actually fairly amusing the first day or two. I guess Jehovah's Witnesses have REALLY tracted Yahoué a lot throughout the years, and so then to have missionaries from another church is a change that is apparently too large to grasp the first time we meet for a lot of people.

It was super-sweet to Skype with some of you this morning! Shout out to Tyler for graduating from high school today!! Woot woot! Super proud of you!

My beautiful view every single day.

So I received a question and I figured I'd answer it for everybody, since I've received it a few times.

Q: So what's your favorite thing of your new area?
A: ...not the stray dogs? I'm really not sure. I just really love Dumbéa sur mer, and now I really love Yahoué! I think it's probably just the people here, I really enjoy the different dynamics of people and different ways of life, ranging from a rich guy we met who owns horses and runs an equestrian club to a family of 15 who lives in a little house made out of tin and storage containers. I learn so much and I am doing different things every single day, but all of them with the purpose to bring people closer to Christ.

So that's all I got for you all this week. Sorry for the lack of pictures! Love you all to the moon (and back)!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walking for miles and breaking beds

So this is yet again coming to you all a day late, but that's because here, Easter is celebrated on Monday, so nothing was open yesterday! We even took the bus to go get groceries at Carrefour, which is kind of like a Super Walmart, except much bigger, and it was closed. So we spent all of P Day just hanging out and writing letters. It was actually pretty great. 

Okay, so story of the week:
This week, we went to hunt down a referral we received from a member. We'd kind of been putting it off since we had to walk about an hour and a half to get there, and another hour and a half to get back, plus they live in the squats, so they don't have a specific address. So we finally had enough free time one day to go over there. We ended up talking to a lot of people along the way, so we left at around 1 or 2, and got back about 6pm. Once we got there, we didn't find the person we were looking for, but his brother invited us in to talk to him. After a few minutes, we asked if we could start with a prayer, and he let us know that without his cousin (the guy who gave us the referral) there, we weren't allowed to teach him. We presented what's called a geste, which is really where you just present something (in our case, some brochures, since that's all we had) to the head of household, say words like 'respect', and then you're accepted and allowed to be around the rest of the family, and then we left. Later the next day, we were looking at the maps we just got last week of our sector that actually outline our boundaries, and found out they don't even live in our sector!

So that's my story for you all. Oh, and we broke a bed. Apparently you AREN'T supposed to stand on them to get a cool picture using the camera effects. But we have three more in the apartment!

Well, that's what I've got for you all this week! Happy late Easter!!

Sister Frost

Monday, April 21, 2014

Letters home

I received the following letter from Jordan and I feel I need to share, just in case it happens to contain what one of you just might need to hear today, too.

A little background to the letter: Jordan had been teaching a woman and her daughter about Jesus, but the woman seemed hesitant and Jordan couldn't figure out what it was.  A few days later the woman finally told her she didn't believe she was good enough or worthy of Jesus' love, and she hoped one day she would be.  But until she became a better person, Jesus would never love her fully.

Jordan writes:

"I want to bear my testimony to you as I did her.  Christ did not come for the perfect.  He came for the broken, those who are imperfect, those who want to be better.  The Church is not for the perfect. The Church is the way to develop our divine potentional, to become more like Christ, in the knowledge that someday, after this life, we can be with Him. He loves every single one of us, unconditionally."

Our world changer is changing my world.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I know today is the 14th of April, but I'm still not sure it's my birthday. I mean, I'm cool with the celebrating and eating cake part, but just because another year has passed by, does that mean I HAVE to be 20 years old? I'll take the silence as a no. I'm glad we've discussed this, and I'm still 19. Cool.

Okay, so this weekend, we finally got to watch general conference! It was so cool! We even had two investigators show up for two different sessions, and an inactive family in our neighborhood bought a car last week and showed up! So pretty much, we're just super-excited about life over here. I took a TON of notes, and we've been talking about it a lot. Our investigator M. kept talking about all the stories in the talks, and she wanted to stay for the second session yesterday, but couldn't because she had to drop her stepdaughter off at her mom's house. She especially loved Elder Bednar's talk :) I don't think I can pick favorites among the talks, but I did really love the mix of accents they've got going in the general authorities, and the one that sounds kind of like Gru from Despicable Me was my favorite accent, in case you all were wondering.

And now, the stories for the pictures.

The first picture is of a really cool handmade bad that one of the senior missionaries, Sister Pecqueux, gave me. 
The other is of what happens when you put fries in the oven, forget about them, and then leave for conference and don't come back for six and a half hours. We just feel blessed that the apartment complex didn't burn down, especially since there's no smoke alarms here.

This was our last lesson with L. before she left for Wallace.

Me wearing a Walesian dress given to me by an investigator.

The little house where we were able to email last week.

Well, that's about it! I love you all!
Seour Frost

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 4 in New Caledonia

If you didn't read last week's post, you need to in order to understand the beginning of this one.

So this week was kind of crazy! I`ll start with how we got back home.

So when we left, the zone leaders still hadn`t called back, so we were obligated to attempt to walk home, and ended up super-lost, because we have a REALLY good sense of direction. Just as Soeur Raney finished praying we would find our way, the B. family pulled up in their van and asked us if they could help! It was seriously an answer to our prayer, especially when we learned we`d been walking in the wrong direction for 45 minutes!

So we didn`t have any money to get food after the machine ate our card, so we`ve learned how to be really creative this week. We would have been fed more by the ward, but there are 5 sets of missionaries in our ward, and only two active families in our whole area, so we made it work. We`re also working on perfecting the "hey look we`re starving sister missionaries, feed us" look to give to people so that they`ll bring us food ;)

So we took a dinner hour the other day and played frisbee, and ended up meeting all the neighborhood kids, including two investigators from whom we hadn`t had the chance to meet yet because their lessons keep falling through. It was an awesome evening!

So we walk a lot, and the terrain in our area is pretty rocky, and so Soeur Raney and I have both managed to put holes in one pair of shoes already. Go us?

Well that`s all I`ve got for you for this week! I love you!

P.S. Shoutout to Austin Gale for getting his mission call to Chile! You rockl!

A few pictures Jordan shared with us this week:

A picture of Jordan and Sister Raney at their apartment.  They were scheduled to teach an English class; but nobody showed up so they let the Tahitians teach the Americans. We played pictionary, but the Tahitians were making up the words, and decided that pokemon and characters and movie titles were the way to go. 

Jordan is sporting one of their neighbor's hats.  

Week 3

Hello all!

So this week has gone by really fast, I`m not even sure what all happened!

So we have a ton of lessons pretty much every day. Soeur Raney says that this is the most lessons in a week she`s had the year she`s been in NC. So it`s been busy and great! It tends to either be bright and sunny all day, or raining on and off all day, mixed with bright and sunny. Like changing as often as every 10 minutes. It just happens to turn to torrential downpour when we walk outside most of the time on those days. It`s still always warm though, so we don`t mind :)

Okay, so we have a ton of new investigators this week! We still have our neighbor and his family, who we gave our last BoM to. Yeah, the LAST one in our whole apartment. The order didn`t come through, so our mission is currently out of French copies, so it was a big deal to give that one away. We prayed about it for almost a week first to know who to give it to, and he`s been reading it almost every day, and it`s been super awesome! We`ve been doing english lessons for him and his brother too, and now when we walk through the parking lot of our building, one of them will yell out the window (with heavy accents) "good afternoon! How are you?" and when we respond, they laugh and go back inside because they don`t understand what we`re saying. It`s pretty entertaining.

About an hour and a half, we managed to get our bank card stuck in the ATM. Luckily the internet guy is really nice and we`re Americans, which is super rare and cool here, so he`s letting us use the internet for free, but we`re waiting on the zone leaders or the senior missionaries to come save us so that we can go back home, since we don`t have any money for the bus and it`s a couple hours of a walk... not to mention we don`t really know how to get there. So that`s the exciting news for today!

I think that`s all I`ve got for this week! I love you all!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pictures from week 2

Picture of beach close to her apartment.

She has it really rough, wouldn't you say??

Dragonfruit. In her words, "It looks way cool, but tastes kind of like watery kiwi."

New Caledonia, week 2!

Okay, so this keyboard is a little but more familiar now, but it's definitely still not automatic, so this may be pretty short depending on how quickly I can type!

This week was really awesome and I'm not quite sure where to start. So first off, I'm learning just how bad I am at applying sunscreen. I constantly have little sunburnt spots where I missed sunscreen. But I'm learning!

Also, we only got lost once...maybe twice...this week! We're finding shortcuts to get places, but it still takes a while to get to our appointments sometimes. We have one investigator who lives about a 40 minute walk uphill from us, but she's furthest from us right now, and most if the way back from her house is downhill!

We met some neighbors who are really great. One of them is a 16 year old names V. who plays guitar! His mom, brother, and himself are now investigators, and they invited us over for dinner Wednesday night. Plus, they get home from school really early around here (they have to wake up at 5:30anm to go to school) and so after this, we're going to go play frisbee with him and his brother.  The whole family is great!

There are a lot of Tahitians here, and they always serve the best meals, so the other day we had a dinner appointment with people we hadn't met yet, and so Sister Raney called them. When she got of. The phone, she looked at me and said, "Yes! They're Tahitian!!"

One family around here who helps us out a lot has three daughters. The middle daughter is 10 years old, and she gave the cutest talk on Sunday! It was kind of shocking though, how young they have people start giving talks in church. She had her mom and dad on either side of her, helping her out. 

Well, I'm pretty much out if time, so I have got to go! I love you all!!!

New Caledonia, week 1

Hello! So it's a bit difficult for me to type, simply because these keyboards are...well...French. So some of the keys are in different places. But success number one, I found the apostrophe key!

So my are is Dumbea sur Mer, and it's really pretty. My companion/trainer is Sister Raney, and we get along really well, she's teaching me all kinds of things (I even are sushi when she made it - no, there was no fish in it, Mom, that hasn't happened yet).

When we arrived in Fiji to transfer to Vanuatu, we were joined by four other new missionaries from the New Zealand MTC. Vanuatu was super hot with a LOT of humidity, it was a lot of fun to be there though! I was there for a few days, so President Brewer (mission president for that area) assigned me to the sister training leaders there in Port Vila until I left for New Caledonia. It was really interesting to see how things work there, it is just a completely different culture there. And Bislama is a cool language! It's pretty much the Haitian-Creole of English. It was cool to hear it spoken and I could understand most of it, but not all of it.

We went to the airport to leave on Friday (me and two elders who came ere to NC as well) and ended up being there for somewhere around 4 hours. They ended up canceling our flight several hours after it was supposed to leave and rescheduling for Saturday, and although it left 30 minutes late (which is about as close to on time as it gets with Air Vanuatu, apparently), we did get here! It's much less humid here, but still pretty hot, not that I mind!

Our apartment is HUGE! We even have air conditioning in the bedrooms, which I'm told not everyone has in our zone. So since my comp and I are both new to this area, and we don't have a car, we managed to get ourselves lost for a little while yesterday...twice, for a few hours... We got a lesson to teach this week out of it though, so at least it was productive??

I just happen to have come here at exactly the right time, because tomorrow, Elder Anderson is going to be here! We have a meeting with him, just the missionaries, and that evening, everyone is invited to we him speak. We've invited our investigators to come in the evening with us, and everyone is super excited about it.

Well, that's about it. I love you all!!!:)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breaking out of the MTC!

Jordan left the MTC today to start her journey to Vanuatu and New Caledonia.  She will travel from Salt Lake City to LAX, LAX to Fiji, Fiji to Vanuatu.  She will be with the Mission President in Vanuatu for three days and then will fly over to New Caledonia, where she has received her first assignment.  

She is fairly confident that most of her assignments will be in New Caledonia; which ensures she will have more frequent access to internet (vs. being assigned full-time in Vanuatu).  I have updated her mailing address on the right side of this blog to reflect her New Caledonia mailing address.

Thank you to all of you who have offered prayers for her safety; we covet those prayers!  We will update once we have more information.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flat Jordan goes go-kart racing!

We went out to go carts and Flat Jordan was insistent on tagging along.  Here is a little insight as to the adventures of Flat Jordan.

Waiting her turn and photobombing Nathan while he races

 All geared up with a neck brace

She even decided to ride the carousel

Look for future adventures of Flat Jordan!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 5!



So not too much really happened in the way of new info for this week. 


As of Sunday, Soeur Archambault and I are the sister training leaders for our zone. It's not too much of a change, but we have more meetings. We do get to do the official welcome for the new district coming into our zone tomorrow night! We're so excited. We're getting 5 new elders and 3 new sisters. We were assigned to be the new sister training leaders because we're officially the sisters who've been here the longest. We work with the zone leaders a lot. They're two elders from the other district (I think I send a picture). They're a lot of fun.


A LOT of our zone left yesterday morning for Paris and Lyon. We had 4 sisters and 9 elders leave, so we're pretty small right now. I can't wait to get our new district in tomorrow and not have so few of us! It was pretty bittersweet to say goodbye to everybody. Everyone that was here when we got here is gone now. It's really weird.


This morning, we went to the temple. Soeur Archambault and I walked there with our zone leaders and the other 7 sisters in our zone. We were almost there when we see two guys in suits sprinting away from the temple. Upon closer examination, we realize that those two guys in suits are none other than our two elders. They had forgotten something and they sprinted all the way the three blocks or so to their dorm and back and managed to not be late - and in SUITS! The two of them running in suits had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. We were all dying laughing.


Oh yeah, and I can say one whole word in Tahitian... repentance. So I'm pretty much fluent. I don't know how to spell it, but it sounds like it would be spelled Tata'arapa. 


Elder Bednar came and spoke to us again last Tuesday night! It was incredible! He continued to answer the questions he received on Christmas. I took a lot of notes that I'll have to send a copy of sometime.


Yesterday, during a lesson, Soeur Archambault was showing our investigator (Frère Headrick) the finger tricks to remember the 10 commandments, and there's one where you make a gun symbol. She got really into it and accidentally stabbed herself in the eye, then nearly fell out of her seat. So basically, the whole lesson stopped and Frère Headrick broke character for a good 5 minutes or so.


I think that's all I've got for this week! Je vous aime beaucoup et comme Soeur Archambault dit, "Je sais que Dieu vous aime"!


-Soeur Frost

The last bolder sentence translates to, "I know that God loves you!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

About Me (from official missionary profile)

I thought I would share Jordan's missionary profile for anyone who might have stumbled across this blog so you can know a little more about our fantastic daughter.
Jordan Frost: Violinist, Convert, Student, Musician, Missionary, Jordan Frost, Mormon.

Hi I'm Jordan Frost

About Me

I study violin performance and music education at my University, and will try to play any instrument I can get my hands on, given some instruction. I've studied violin for nine years (and counting!).  I have three brothers and a sister, all younger than me. I have a "blended" family. I love playing tennis with my Dad. My family stretches far beyond blood, and I form close familial bonds with people easily. I love to read, especially anything written by Victor Hugo. I've studied French for five years, and I am so excited to use it in the mission field!

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized on August 13th, 2012. I distinctly remember being at church earlier that year during a fast and testimony meeting and just feeling the spirit so strongly that the very same day, I said to someone, "I think I believe in Mormonism". The wisdom to fast and pray about my feelings only intensified the feeling that I know this is right. A few weeks later, I was reading the Joseph Smith History and it just hit me like a ton of bricks that these were perhaps the truest words I had ever read in my life. That fall, I was baptized and five months later, I decided that I needed to go on a mission so that others may feel what I felt and come to know the truth and peace of His church. There is nothing more right than this Gospel. I can feel it as I study the scriptures, as I go to church, and especially as I talk to the children in nursery, as they tell me that Heavenly Father loves them with such conviction that I can feel the Spirit emulate from them. I am a Mormon because I have received personal revelation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church, and is led by a true prophet of God, who receives revelation for us and directs us on a path that leads us closer to the Almighty.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

When I was baptized, I was 18 years old. I had accepted every single part of the Gospel as the truth that it is, and I was then baptized by my father. It's an experience I will never forget, and not just because the hot water was broken that day and so the baptismal font was ice cold! That day was the beginning of a new life for me, one that I'm still working on every day, and one that has brought me more joy than I could possibly have ever imagined.

How I live my faith

I teach senior primary. That is, I teach all of the kids who turn three in the year of 2013. They are an incredible group of kids and I absolutely love being involved in their life. In all honesty, they teach me more than I teach them. When I'm away at school, I'm heavily involved in the Young Single Adults (YSA) group in my area. The people I meet through that have become an amazing support system, and are some of my very close friends. I occasionally play violin at church, generally with the choir. Visiting teaching is something I don't do enough, and something that also helps me out a lot. It's an amazing support system and I have learned so much and gotten to know so many amazing women from both being the visitor and the visited. On December 18th, 2013, I report to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center to prepare to serve as a full-time missionary. I am called to serve in the Vanuatu, Port Vila mission, as well as the New Caledonia mission district.

Week 4 - Bonjour! - Lessons, Language Learning Mess-ups, and Elder (Walter) Bonhomme de Neige


So this has been a really awesome week! Soeur Archambault and I have been teaching a lot of really great lessons, so we're liking that. We had both of our investigators (read: teachers) commit to baptism this week and actually gave a mock church tour. The tour was a little rough in French, as we're lacking in conversational vocab, but it went really well overall.

While the two of us were teaching the other day, the Elders snuck out and built a snowman right outside the classroom window, so when we came back there was a snowman staring at us through the window. It was a major source of fun for a few days as we kept modifying him. At night, you could only see him if all the lights in the classroom were turned off, and we managed to really scare Frère Nash with that by having him stare out the window and turning off the lights. He said it looked like a monster with giant bug eyes because we gave him glasses and he was snowed on so much that he didn't exactly look like a snowman as much as a snow blob. Eventually he melted, and now he's a chunk of ice outside our classroom. I thought Elder Broadbent might cry when he saw the snowman, named Elder Bonhomme de Neige (bonhomme de neige means snowman) dying.

So as we learn French, there are bound to be a few incredibly embarrassing things said, right? Well this was an interesting week for that. First, Saint Esprit means Holy Spirit, and sang means blood. The difference between those two is not exactly huge in pronunciation, and so Elder Broadbent found out this week he's been praying for the "blood Spirit" instead of the "Holy Spirit" for around three weeks now. The other really funny one was when Soeur Archambault tried to tell me to "Frappez la porte!" (knock on the door) and she said "Frappez la morte!" (hit the dead.) Our teacher even came out of the room to laugh about it when he heard that, and I'm not sure we're ever going to let her forget it.

So that's about it here! Oh, and we're pretty sure we're having another member of the 12 come and speak with us tonight, so that's awesome!! Love you all!!!!

-Soeur Frost