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Sister Frost

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walking for miles and breaking beds

So this is yet again coming to you all a day late, but that's because here, Easter is celebrated on Monday, so nothing was open yesterday! We even took the bus to go get groceries at Carrefour, which is kind of like a Super Walmart, except much bigger, and it was closed. So we spent all of P Day just hanging out and writing letters. It was actually pretty great. 

Okay, so story of the week:
This week, we went to hunt down a referral we received from a member. We'd kind of been putting it off since we had to walk about an hour and a half to get there, and another hour and a half to get back, plus they live in the squats, so they don't have a specific address. So we finally had enough free time one day to go over there. We ended up talking to a lot of people along the way, so we left at around 1 or 2, and got back about 6pm. Once we got there, we didn't find the person we were looking for, but his brother invited us in to talk to him. After a few minutes, we asked if we could start with a prayer, and he let us know that without his cousin (the guy who gave us the referral) there, we weren't allowed to teach him. We presented what's called a geste, which is really where you just present something (in our case, some brochures, since that's all we had) to the head of household, say words like 'respect', and then you're accepted and allowed to be around the rest of the family, and then we left. Later the next day, we were looking at the maps we just got last week of our sector that actually outline our boundaries, and found out they don't even live in our sector!

So that's my story for you all. Oh, and we broke a bed. Apparently you AREN'T supposed to stand on them to get a cool picture using the camera effects. But we have three more in the apartment!

Well, that's what I've got for you all this week! Happy late Easter!!

Sister Frost

Monday, April 21, 2014

Letters home

I received the following letter from Jordan and I feel I need to share, just in case it happens to contain what one of you just might need to hear today, too.

A little background to the letter: Jordan had been teaching a woman and her daughter about Jesus, but the woman seemed hesitant and Jordan couldn't figure out what it was.  A few days later the woman finally told her she didn't believe she was good enough or worthy of Jesus' love, and she hoped one day she would be.  But until she became a better person, Jesus would never love her fully.

Jordan writes:

"I want to bear my testimony to you as I did her.  Christ did not come for the perfect.  He came for the broken, those who are imperfect, those who want to be better.  The Church is not for the perfect. The Church is the way to develop our divine potentional, to become more like Christ, in the knowledge that someday, after this life, we can be with Him. He loves every single one of us, unconditionally."

Our world changer is changing my world.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I know today is the 14th of April, but I'm still not sure it's my birthday. I mean, I'm cool with the celebrating and eating cake part, but just because another year has passed by, does that mean I HAVE to be 20 years old? I'll take the silence as a no. I'm glad we've discussed this, and I'm still 19. Cool.

Okay, so this weekend, we finally got to watch general conference! It was so cool! We even had two investigators show up for two different sessions, and an inactive family in our neighborhood bought a car last week and showed up! So pretty much, we're just super-excited about life over here. I took a TON of notes, and we've been talking about it a lot. Our investigator M. kept talking about all the stories in the talks, and she wanted to stay for the second session yesterday, but couldn't because she had to drop her stepdaughter off at her mom's house. She especially loved Elder Bednar's talk :) I don't think I can pick favorites among the talks, but I did really love the mix of accents they've got going in the general authorities, and the one that sounds kind of like Gru from Despicable Me was my favorite accent, in case you all were wondering.

And now, the stories for the pictures.

The first picture is of a really cool handmade bad that one of the senior missionaries, Sister Pecqueux, gave me. 
The other is of what happens when you put fries in the oven, forget about them, and then leave for conference and don't come back for six and a half hours. We just feel blessed that the apartment complex didn't burn down, especially since there's no smoke alarms here.

This was our last lesson with L. before she left for Wallace.

Me wearing a Walesian dress given to me by an investigator.

The little house where we were able to email last week.

Well, that's about it! I love you all!
Seour Frost