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Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 3

Hello all!

So this week has gone by really fast, I`m not even sure what all happened!

So we have a ton of lessons pretty much every day. Soeur Raney says that this is the most lessons in a week she`s had the year she`s been in NC. So it`s been busy and great! It tends to either be bright and sunny all day, or raining on and off all day, mixed with bright and sunny. Like changing as often as every 10 minutes. It just happens to turn to torrential downpour when we walk outside most of the time on those days. It`s still always warm though, so we don`t mind :)

Okay, so we have a ton of new investigators this week! We still have our neighbor and his family, who we gave our last BoM to. Yeah, the LAST one in our whole apartment. The order didn`t come through, so our mission is currently out of French copies, so it was a big deal to give that one away. We prayed about it for almost a week first to know who to give it to, and he`s been reading it almost every day, and it`s been super awesome! We`ve been doing english lessons for him and his brother too, and now when we walk through the parking lot of our building, one of them will yell out the window (with heavy accents) "good afternoon! How are you?" and when we respond, they laugh and go back inside because they don`t understand what we`re saying. It`s pretty entertaining.

About an hour and a half, we managed to get our bank card stuck in the ATM. Luckily the internet guy is really nice and we`re Americans, which is super rare and cool here, so he`s letting us use the internet for free, but we`re waiting on the zone leaders or the senior missionaries to come save us so that we can go back home, since we don`t have any money for the bus and it`s a couple hours of a walk... not to mention we don`t really know how to get there. So that`s the exciting news for today!

I think that`s all I`ve got for this week! I love you all!!

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