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Sister Frost

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 5!



So not too much really happened in the way of new info for this week. 


As of Sunday, Soeur Archambault and I are the sister training leaders for our zone. It's not too much of a change, but we have more meetings. We do get to do the official welcome for the new district coming into our zone tomorrow night! We're so excited. We're getting 5 new elders and 3 new sisters. We were assigned to be the new sister training leaders because we're officially the sisters who've been here the longest. We work with the zone leaders a lot. They're two elders from the other district (I think I send a picture). They're a lot of fun.


A LOT of our zone left yesterday morning for Paris and Lyon. We had 4 sisters and 9 elders leave, so we're pretty small right now. I can't wait to get our new district in tomorrow and not have so few of us! It was pretty bittersweet to say goodbye to everybody. Everyone that was here when we got here is gone now. It's really weird.


This morning, we went to the temple. Soeur Archambault and I walked there with our zone leaders and the other 7 sisters in our zone. We were almost there when we see two guys in suits sprinting away from the temple. Upon closer examination, we realize that those two guys in suits are none other than our two elders. They had forgotten something and they sprinted all the way the three blocks or so to their dorm and back and managed to not be late - and in SUITS! The two of them running in suits had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. We were all dying laughing.


Oh yeah, and I can say one whole word in Tahitian... repentance. So I'm pretty much fluent. I don't know how to spell it, but it sounds like it would be spelled Tata'arapa. 


Elder Bednar came and spoke to us again last Tuesday night! It was incredible! He continued to answer the questions he received on Christmas. I took a lot of notes that I'll have to send a copy of sometime.


Yesterday, during a lesson, Soeur Archambault was showing our investigator (Frère Headrick) the finger tricks to remember the 10 commandments, and there's one where you make a gun symbol. She got really into it and accidentally stabbed herself in the eye, then nearly fell out of her seat. So basically, the whole lesson stopped and Frère Headrick broke character for a good 5 minutes or so.


I think that's all I've got for this week! Je vous aime beaucoup et comme Soeur Archambault dit, "Je sais que Dieu vous aime"!


-Soeur Frost

The last bolder sentence translates to, "I know that God loves you!"

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