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Sister Frost

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yahoué City! (or that's what the graffiti say)

May 25, 2014

So this week has been really crazy and fantastic!

Two of my friends from my old ward in Rivière-Salée got their mission calls this week! One of them will be serving in Tahiti and the other in Mozambique! So that's super-cool, it's so great to see the people in the wards I've served in going on missions! 

Now, the story behind the pizza:
We went and ordered this pizza from a little Pizzeria in our sector that's only open two hours a day and has the BEST pizza I've ever had. One guy came out from behind the counter, showed me our order, sayed 'is this your order?' and when I responded in the affirmative, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me behind the counter (with my companion following, of course) and told me to wash my hands. Then he had me make the pizza with him! It was super-cool. Then we met the owner's wife, who studied at University of Kansas! It was just a really cool experience.

Sunday, we couldn't go to church because the one road that we can take (without going through the tribes, which is NOT allowed) was blocked off, so we went to my old ward. It was really weird to see everybody again and be with a new companion!

Sister Pulsipher and I are doing so well, we really love being together. We've also developed a motto for contacting based on a dream she had the other night. We were walking at night, and suddenly we look up and there's a bus with the door open and glowing steps leading up to the bus driver. She looks at me and says, "should we contact this woman?" I turn to her and say, "Always."

So that's been our theme of the week, especially since we've spent a LOT of time contacting. We received a referral for a woman named S. All we know about her is that she's an older woman and we know what neighborhood she's in. We've just been contacting every single house in the neighborhood, using "we're looking for S." as our way to start the conversation. We're kind of doubting she exists at this point, but it's gotten us a lot of lessons fixed for this week!

Fun fact about my current area, one of the members who lives a few blocks from us was the very first person to be baptized by the very first missionaries in New Caledonia. He has a lot of really cool stories that he's more than happy to share with us haha

A really cool tree, these are everywhere!

A papaya tree, these are everywhere, too!

So that's our week. I love you all so much!
-Sister Jordan Frost


May 18, 2014

Hey family, friends, and other people I know!

So this week was really great, our first full week in Yahoué! We've finally made contact with almost everyone that the Elders were meeting with before us, all except a few who like to pretend they're not home when we go to visit them. Mostly because they think we're Jehovah's Witnesses. But really, we say the phrase "Actually, we're not Jehovah's Witnesses" probably two or three times every time we talk to someone for the first time. And then another time the next time we visit them. It's actually fairly amusing the first day or two. I guess Jehovah's Witnesses have REALLY tracted Yahoué a lot throughout the years, and so then to have missionaries from another church is a change that is apparently too large to grasp the first time we meet for a lot of people.

It was super-sweet to Skype with some of you this morning! Shout out to Tyler for graduating from high school today!! Woot woot! Super proud of you!

My beautiful view every single day.

So I received a question and I figured I'd answer it for everybody, since I've received it a few times.

Q: So what's your favorite thing of your new area?
A: ...not the stray dogs? I'm really not sure. I just really love Dumbéa sur mer, and now I really love Yahoué! I think it's probably just the people here, I really enjoy the different dynamics of people and different ways of life, ranging from a rich guy we met who owns horses and runs an equestrian club to a family of 15 who lives in a little house made out of tin and storage containers. I learn so much and I am doing different things every single day, but all of them with the purpose to bring people closer to Christ.

So that's all I got for you all this week. Sorry for the lack of pictures! Love you all to the moon (and back)!