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Jordan's profile picture
Sister Frost

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Only five minutes to update!

Okay, so I only have five minutes, since the internet person decided not to show up... again, but some people were nice enough to let us use the half-hour public computers!

 So this week was a pretty interesting combination of finding new investigators and getting yelled at. It was a pretty good week though, I'd have to say. We have one new investigator who came to church yesterday! His name is Petelo, and he's really humble. It's really cool to get to be there for people to realise that they've found what they've been looking for, and get to better their lives. No baptisms coming up yet for YahouĂ©, but we're finding new people every day.

Well, that's my five minutes. I love you all!
Everywhere the light touches...everything in this picture is in our sector, plus some that you cannot see in the opposite direction.

A crazy-looking fruit a member gave us.

Another pic of the crazy-looking fruit.

A few questions Jordan answered this week:

Tell us about the weather, what's it like there now?
Well, it's winter here now which means it's hot during the day and cooler at night.  So a cardigan is the winter gear I need for evenings and nighttime.

Did you intend on quoting Lion King in the sector picture?

What can we ship you?
Letters from friends.  So friends, this is my plea...please write a letter and give to me.  I will take care of the postage and ship it to her.  If you have children, have them color a page or write a letter and I would love to send this to Sister Frost.

Anything we need to take care of for you this week out here in KC?
Yes, tell Austin and Brett that I'll be praying for them.  (These two friends report to the Mission Training Center this week and will be starting their misions; Chile and Peru, respectively.)

If she is able to get on email later on we will update the blog and send a new link.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Jordan's safety and health.  We truly appreciate and covet your prayers!

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