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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Caledonia, week 2!

Okay, so this keyboard is a little but more familiar now, but it's definitely still not automatic, so this may be pretty short depending on how quickly I can type!

This week was really awesome and I'm not quite sure where to start. So first off, I'm learning just how bad I am at applying sunscreen. I constantly have little sunburnt spots where I missed sunscreen. But I'm learning!

Also, we only got lost once...maybe twice...this week! We're finding shortcuts to get places, but it still takes a while to get to our appointments sometimes. We have one investigator who lives about a 40 minute walk uphill from us, but she's furthest from us right now, and most if the way back from her house is downhill!

We met some neighbors who are really great. One of them is a 16 year old names V. who plays guitar! His mom, brother, and himself are now investigators, and they invited us over for dinner Wednesday night. Plus, they get home from school really early around here (they have to wake up at 5:30anm to go to school) and so after this, we're going to go play frisbee with him and his brother.  The whole family is great!

There are a lot of Tahitians here, and they always serve the best meals, so the other day we had a dinner appointment with people we hadn't met yet, and so Sister Raney called them. When she got of. The phone, she looked at me and said, "Yes! They're Tahitian!!"

One family around here who helps us out a lot has three daughters. The middle daughter is 10 years old, and she gave the cutest talk on Sunday! It was kind of shocking though, how young they have people start giving talks in church. She had her mom and dad on either side of her, helping her out. 

Well, I'm pretty much out if time, so I have got to go! I love you all!!!

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