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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Theme for the week is: Never get comfortable!

...Because that's when everything changes.

This week, we had a great week... minus auto-école. But we didn't have that for a whole two days, so we did actually get to stay in our sector for a few days and do some work. It was really nice to get to do some real missionary work :)

In other news, we were sitting in auto-école Wednesday morning, and received a call from the Sister Training Leaders. They called to inform us that New Caledonia would be receiving a new sister missionary, and that she is here because she is waiting for her visa to go to New Zealand, and that she would be joining our companionshipFriday night! So now we are in a trio, and loving every second of it! Sister Tehanin came in around midnight Friday night, so we had to stay up late to welcome her in... Not an experience I wish to repeat. I'm so grateful that I have a bedtime every night and don't stay up past 10:30... because we were nearly falling over Saturday, we were so tired!

Sister Tehanin is a really great missionary. She's from Tahiti, but moved to New Caledonia about a year ago, which is why she's visa-waiting here. Since she has to learn English for New Zealand, we have developed a language study plan where we switch languages every day. It's actually really difficult to be speaking English again so much! Especially prayers. I can't believe how much I think in French now, so that it makes it so difficult to pray and have conversations in English! Sometimes Sister Mason has to tap my shoulder on English days because I forget and Sister Tehanin and I speak in French to one another. It's actually pretty funny to see how the tables turn every day and one day, Sister Tehanin has trouble saying everything she wants and we have to correct her, then the next day, she's correcting us!

Our other big change (that may not seem so big to normal folk) is that we received a blender this week!! After 3 months of trying to acquire a blender for the Yahoué apartment, my prayers have been answered, and smoothies and milkshakes have ensued. Really though, sometimes it's the small things that make the big difference!

Well, that's this week in Yahoué! I love you!

Jordan in driving school to get her French driver's license.
Jordan with her new (temporary) companion.
"Jesus" graffiti

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