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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 3 "A partay! And some other things as well, I suppose"

Below is the latest email from Jordan we received yesterday.

So this was another great week here! We very much appreciated the party gear - we took lots of pictures that I'll have to send to you a little later. What started out as our small district eating junk food and drinking sparkling grape fruit turned into the district of 6 elders two doors down hearing us and stealing the noisemakers.... So it was a success? We had a lot of fun! I've got pictures of our teachers in funny hats, plus all of my district and most of the other district who joined us.

The next evening, the other district had stolen one of the funny tiara things (dubbed "party crowns" because that makes it more manly when you're wearing a sparkly pink/purple/gold hat) and were forcing Frère Laguan to wear it. At the point I caught on, I was asking a question while sitting in my rolly desk, and all six elders were about ten feet away from us, with me in between them, staring at him and slowly advancing in a pack, because he had taken off the hat. It was terrifying, and I wasn't even the one they were after! He quickly answered my question, and then whispers to roll my desk into the middle of the hallway, successfully blocking almost the whole hallway. He then took off in a dead sprint, quickly followed by all the elders, two of whom vaulted my desk. I'm told they chased him to the parking lot, then stood at a distance and watched him get into his car. Never a dull moment!

Last night, Soeur Archambault got a Dear Jane letter... from her FHE brothers from school. They wrote a letter as a group acting like they were breaking up with her for a girl "who doesn't object to a $5 engagement ring from Walmart". It was so funny! Also, she says it's not cold in Kansas City, because where she's from they don't cancel school unless it's colder than -45 degrees Fahrenheit. ...I could never live in Canada.

We got new teachers this week! We've only had one class with them, but they're pretty cool. 

Yesterday morning, Soeur Archambault and I both went to take showers in the morning and successfully locked ourselves out of the room. We had to borrow a key card from another sister to get access to the other floors to look for someone with a master key. Finally, we got back into our room, but forgot to bring the key card to access the floors, so we ended up stuck out in the stairwell. All in all, it was a great big fail in true "us" fashion. We were 20 minutes late to class. Luckily, so was our teacher! 

Well, I think that's all I've got for you. Love you all!!

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