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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 4 - Bonjour! - Lessons, Language Learning Mess-ups, and Elder (Walter) Bonhomme de Neige


So this has been a really awesome week! Soeur Archambault and I have been teaching a lot of really great lessons, so we're liking that. We had both of our investigators (read: teachers) commit to baptism this week and actually gave a mock church tour. The tour was a little rough in French, as we're lacking in conversational vocab, but it went really well overall.

While the two of us were teaching the other day, the Elders snuck out and built a snowman right outside the classroom window, so when we came back there was a snowman staring at us through the window. It was a major source of fun for a few days as we kept modifying him. At night, you could only see him if all the lights in the classroom were turned off, and we managed to really scare Frère Nash with that by having him stare out the window and turning off the lights. He said it looked like a monster with giant bug eyes because we gave him glasses and he was snowed on so much that he didn't exactly look like a snowman as much as a snow blob. Eventually he melted, and now he's a chunk of ice outside our classroom. I thought Elder Broadbent might cry when he saw the snowman, named Elder Bonhomme de Neige (bonhomme de neige means snowman) dying.

So as we learn French, there are bound to be a few incredibly embarrassing things said, right? Well this was an interesting week for that. First, Saint Esprit means Holy Spirit, and sang means blood. The difference between those two is not exactly huge in pronunciation, and so Elder Broadbent found out this week he's been praying for the "blood Spirit" instead of the "Holy Spirit" for around three weeks now. The other really funny one was when Soeur Archambault tried to tell me to "Frappez la porte!" (knock on the door) and she said "Frappez la morte!" (hit the dead.) Our teacher even came out of the room to laugh about it when he heard that, and I'm not sure we're ever going to let her forget it.

So that's about it here! Oh, and we're pretty sure we're having another member of the 12 come and speak with us tonight, so that's awesome!! Love you all!!!!

-Soeur Frost

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