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Sister Frost

Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 2!

Below is the email we received from Jordan:


Christmas here was phenomenal! We had Elder Bednar come and speak to us! It was so awesome, he handed out 200 cell phones (no, we couldn't call home on them) and gave us a number we could use to text questions to the iPad he had with him on the stand. He spent an hour and a half answering our questions, with help from his wife. Sister Bednar is awesome :) The rest of Christmas was great as well. We had a talent show, and ate kettle corn while we watched The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert from 2012.

We've had a fun week in our District. We're all pretty close already. We had a substitute teacher all week named Frère Nash. He's awesome. He keeps referring to us as "the funny district" because of the things we say to each other and because we can't even sing one hymn together in French without cracking up because it's just so bad. We call ourselves the Graveyard Choir.

Yesterday, we spent probably a half hour trying to determine Elder Woodbury's "type". I think he was a little bit embarrassed. Okay, more than a little bit.

Soeur Archambault and I had two "investigators" that we were teaching last week. One in French, the other in English. On our last lesson with the French one, he committed to baptism, so that was an awesome success! We tease our elders because we got a commitment first. We also had our English investigator ask us this ridiculous question that we didn't know the answer to, so we spent the entire next day finding her the answer. We asked the class next door, their teacher, and Frère Nash, who finally gave us the perfect answer. Then, she didn't show up to our appointment. Talk about disappointing. But the French "investigator", Steven, turned out to be our new teacher, Frère LaGuan, who's a really cool guy. So now we have two teachers!

We're all excited for our New Year's Eve party tomorrow night that our district is going to throw together. It'll be awesome! Love you all!

-Soeur Frost"

Here are a few pictures Jordan shared with us.

The Christmas tree they made for their room

Jordan's District outside the Provo Temple (A District is the group you train with)

Jordan and her companion

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